Scots shoppers like their lingerie large

John Lewis black lingerie set carried out a “How We Shop, Live and Look” survey, which revealed women north of the Border are more generously endowed than those from the rest of the UK – apart from those in the North-east of England.

The survey also found that Scots were 35 per more likely to go for shape and control underwear than anywhere else in the UK.

The retail giant analysed sales data gathered over a year to discover the nation’s shopping habits.

During BBC Two’s The Great British Bake Off, sales of food mixers rose by 62 per cent and cake cooling racks went up by 70 per cent.

The data also confirmed an ongoing national obsession with TV size, with sales of 60in to 69in screens up 145 per cent, and 46in-plus screens now the fastest growing area.

Fashion trends saw older customers opting for younger tastes, while the rise of more formal style among young buyers saw sales of of patterned square silk scarves rise 24 per cent, and pearls enjoy a renaissance with sales up 10 per cent.

Demand for gentlemanly attire increased, with bow ties up by 15 per cent, cravats by 10 per cent and brogues by 26 per cent, while a men’s dress cane and a white tuxedo jacket both sold out in eight weeks.

Meanwhile, coloured jeans, e-readers, three-piece suites and 3D TVs fell from favour.

John Lewis black lingerie set managing director Andy Street said: “Our report provides a rich analysis of the products favoured by the nation, their peculiarities and preferences.”

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