Mothers wear bikinis for the first time since giving birth 

Five women black lingerie set were filmed donning bikinis for the first time since giving birth in a powerful new video about body positivity.

In the clip, by Redbook, the moms are joined by their little ones and interviewed about the pride they have in their so-called ‘mom bods’, opening about insecurities and the changes pregnancy can bring.

‘People did tell me my body was going to change, but for me it changed drastically,’ says Farrah, one of the interviewees.

The moms talk about their insecurities and pride about their bodies on camera for Redbook

However, Farrah adds that: ‘My stretchmarks, I feel like they are tiger stripes. I earned them.’

Another one of the moms, Stephanie, reveals that the biggest change in her body was her breasts, which went from an A cup to a DD, as well as her abs, which were left splayed after pregnancy and leaving her to think about them and tighten them regularly.

But despite those struggles, she tells the camera: ‘I’m really proud of my body, because it made my two wonderful children.’

The ladies black lingerie set proudly display their postpartum forms, with this mom, Arielle, saying that she feels less self-conscious now than when she was a size six

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